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To   Use   Every   Moment  a  Different  Bar

 of  Soap  a   Different    Toothbrush


to use every moment a different bar of soap  a different toothbrush  a different suit of clothes

                                                                                a different streetcar

to perceive the sadness of their chasing and to do nothing to restrain them 

- all of them wishing to be interesting loved adored  part of the scaling makeup covering your face -

(without ever being visited by a feeling of guilt) 

to stand like a need of air in the midst of their brownian movement 

to try them on at random and to take them off before loking in the mirror tended to  you

to hide yourself in a mood  in a yearning in a moment of indecision

and to meet them again one fine day in the funerary hall

of the bomb shelter

on 53 fleamarket street

                                        Timisoara, 1982

Translated by  HEATHROW  O'HARE





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